Friday, March 27, 2015


Although your wedding will be one the most "adult" things you will do in your life....why not enjoy the kid inside as well!  There are some super cool ideas to enjoy during your rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, or throughout your wedding weekend.  These will keep things fun, light hearted, and keep people mingling and having a great time!

Some trending ideas are Croquet, Giant Jenga, Lawn Chess, Wedding Corn Hole, and so many more!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Guest Libs

Everybody remembers doing "Mad Libs" as a giggly young kid.  Why not bring back that silly feeling and have "guest libs" for your guests to fill out!?  Leave them out at cocktail hour, or at guest tables, and have them complete some fun comical or nonsensical story about the wedding couple!  This is such a neat keepsake for the Bride and Groom as well!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Food Truck!?!? Heck yeah!!!!!!

Food trucks are a terrific way to add something fun, and different to your wedding weekend.  Hire a "junk food" truck as part of your rehearsal dinner or welcome bonfire event for some fun to kick off your wedding weekend.  Or, perhaps as an "after party" event to wrap up the night after the wedding reception is over.  Any time you have the chance to have your own food truck why wouldn't you!?!?  So many are Gourmet vendors and most are happy to cater your event.  Tacos, grilled cheese, pizza, cupcakes, frozen yogurt.... The list goes on!  Here are links to a few in our area!!

Friday, December 5, 2014


Invitation timing is crucial!  Here is a general guide, but be sure to check with your printing company to make sure they can meet your deadlines!

Save the Dates!  Order them and send them at least 9 months prior to your wedding.  Especially if you are having a destination wedding, you want to allow your guests ample time to make travel plans, arrangements for time off of work, and room reservations at the hotel that you have a block of rooms reserved at.  If you would like your guests to all stay at one place, or on the property where your wedding is taking place, the rooms will book up quickly so you want to encourage your guests in the "Save The Date" to make their reservations as soon as possible.

The Invitations.  You should send your invitations 8 - 10 weeks prior to the wedding.  Ask your printing company how far in advance they should be ordered so they can be stamped and in the mail 8-10 weeks before the wedding date.  If you are sending your invitation out around the holidays, you may want to send them with a little extra lead time so they don't get lost within a pile of "holiday cards"!

RSVP's!  Have your RSVP date 4 weeks prior to the date of your wedding.  Most venues require a guaranteed guest count by 2 weeks prior to the wedding, so this should give you a few weeks of "cushion" to follow up with any guests that don't RSVP on time.

Check out one of my recommended Stationary Boutiques!

Monday, November 24, 2014


Here are a few of some cool "special touches" that can make your wedding stand out from the rest!  DIY projects are lots of fun, and can help keep costs low, but too many can keep stress levels high!  Pick ONE (or maybe two!!!) thing(s!) to do yourself, to personalize your wedding, but be sure not to take on too much!  Here are a few cool ideas:

ANNIVERSARY PINATA - This is like a little time capsule that you and your spouse can use to relive your wedding day with your friends and family a year later!

TELL YOUR STORY - Make an Aisle Runner that illustrates your love from the very start to the moment you say "I DO"!

ADD SOME HUMOR! - Its always nice to keep people smiling and lighten up a formal event with some of your personal humor.  I thought this was very "light" and funny!

Friday, November 7, 2014


There are SO many wonderful things about celebrating a wedding on a cold winter night in New England.  The backdrop of a fresh snow leaves a blank pallet for you to add any pop of color you would like.   That cozy feeling of saying your vows in front of a beautiful crackling fire.  For many this may be a great way to add a fur muff or shawl to your wardrobe!  The quiet fall of snow, snuggling close to your loved one to warm your cheeks, and enjoying a warm mulled cider cocktail.  This all says "LOVE" to me!  There is nothing more romantic and cozy than a snowy wedding day.  Lets face it, the weather is one thing we cannot plan for most of the year when carefully orchestrating your wedding day, but we CAN plan for it to be cold in the winter months in New England.  There is a great advantage to being able to plan for that!  There are so many Winter themed things to make your wedding special.  You can be as rustic, or extravagant as you would like.  Ceiling high spruce trees with gold and silver decor, or pine cones and flannel, there are oh so many options.  I have seen flannel blankets as favors, couples arrive to their ceremony in a horse drawn sleigh, warm cocktails, a Hot Chocolate Bar with assorted marshmallows, and much more.  If you do decide to have a winter wedding, be SURE to choose a venue with onsite guest rooms so your family and friends can travel to your wedding and stay regardless of the weather conditions.  Most venues will be sure to have accommodations
available for the night before the wedding as well to ensure that your guests have a place to stay regardless of what Jack Frost has to say about it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Modern Wedding Etiquette Tips

The modern couple has a great challenge today in deciding what "etiquette" they should follow throughout their wedding, simply because times have certainly changed.  Here are a few things that apply to the current couples.

THE BIG NEWS!  The last thing you want is your second cousin twice removed to spill the beans to your own parents.  Before posting a picture of your beautiful new engagement ring on facebook, pick up the phone and give your immediate family a call first.  They should be the first ones to know, and once they's free game!

THE BILL!  If parents or family are willing to help with the cost of your big day you can graciously accept.  The rules of etiquette in regards to the bill are no longer so strict.  Some parents can't afford to pay for everything, so be sure you know who is able to contribute before coming up with your budget.

THE GUESTS!  At first the excitement may overwhelm you and you will find yourself talking about and inviting just about anyone in earshot to the wedding.  Be careful not to extend an invitation to anyone until you have put your guest list together, it's not easy to retract an invite!  Anyone invited to the bridal shower should be on your wedding guest list, so be sure not to "slim down" the wedding invitation list from your bridal shower list.

THE HOSTS!  Who hosts the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, the farewell breakfast?  The long and short of it is "anyone"!  There are no longer rules as to who is required to host and pay for what.  Anyone that wants to help should be allowed to offer their assistance in contributing to your wedding events.

THE THANK YOUS!  Thank you notes are an etiquette that should never be overlooked, under any circumstance.  When someone gives a gift of any kind, an acknowledgement of this gracious gesture should be acknowledged in a timely fashion.   

If you have any questions about etiquettes, open the line of communication with your wedding planner and professionals.  They are there to help and have seen it all!!